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15 migrating elephants pass through various villages in China

Beijing, Jun 1 (EFE).- Asian elephants are migrating north in the southern Chinese province of Yunnan and have crossed several towns on the way, so authorities have put in place a device to minimize the damage of contact between the pachyderms and humans.

The herd monitoring team is trying to guide the animals by creating barriers and using food as bait, such as the four tons of bananas, pineapples and corn used Monday to take them to an area of ??low population density, state newspaper Global Times reported Monday.

The device consists of 228 vehicles, in addition to four excavators and three drones. Authorities said it is unusual for elephants to migrate as far north as on this occasion.

Images published by state television show not only the passage of the elephants through inhabited areas, but also points where they decided to feed on food stored or planted by humans.

“We were sleeping in the attic, and around 1.00 am we heard noises. I looked out the window and saw two adult elephants in the yard. I called the village chief and he told me not to move or make noise,” a villager said, showing the results of the passage of animals through his home.

According to state agency Xinhua, Yunnan province has a population of Asian elephants of about 300. EFE


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