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2 Palestinians killed in Israeli raid on Nablus

Jerusalem, July 7 (EFE) – Two Palestinian youths were fatally shot during an Israeli military raid on the West Bank city of Nablus on Friday, as tensions continue to escalate in the region.

According to a spokesperson from the Red Crescent emergency services, the armed clashes broke out after Israeli troops entered the northern occupied West Bank city, resulting in the deaths of two men.

The Palestinian health ministry reported that three others were injured in the violence.

Nablus has become a stronghold of armed resistance against Israel and a breeding ground for emerging Palestinian militant groups.

The recent violence follows the conclusion of a major Israeli air and ground operation targeting militants in Jenin earlier this week.

The operation resulted in the deaths of at least 12 Palestinians, one Israeli soldier, and widespread destruction in the city and adjacent refugee camp.

Throughout the year, repeated Israeli operations in Nablus and neighboring towns have caused the deaths of dozens of Palestinians, while attacks by Palestinian militants against Israeli settlers and security forces in the area have also increased.

The Israeli incursion into the Jenin refugee camp involved deadly airstrikes and the deployment of approximately 1,000 soldiers, an unprecedented level of activity in the region for the past two decades.

The intense fighting in the densely populated refugee camp has caused significant loss of life, extensive property damage, and the destruction of hundreds of homes.

This year has been the deadliest in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict over the past two decades, with nearly 160 Palestinians killed, including militants, civilians, and 27 minors. Palestinian militant attacks have also resulted in the deaths of 27 Israelis.

The new armed groups, although independent, often cooperate and communicate to operate under a single, stronger leadership to conduct anti-Israeli operations. EFE


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