21 Belgian children mistakenly receive unauthorized Moderna vaccine

Brussels, Feb 5 (EFE).- Over 20 Belgian children aged between seven and 12 years have been administered Moderna’s coronavirus vaccine that had not been cleared by the European Medicines Agency for the age group, local media reported on Saturday.

Instead of receiving a Pfizer dose, authorized by EMA, the minors were mistakenly administered the Moderna jab on Wednesday at a vaccination center located in the northern Flemish Region.

People in charge of the center have already contacted the parents of 19 of the 21 affected children to inform them of the error, the first of its kind, according to the Flemish health agency.

The minors are not at risk despite having received the Moderna vaccine, according to the local agency, which ensured that it offers the same degree of protection as Pfizer’s.

Families, however, have been warned to monitor any side effects that may emerge in the coming weeks.

The EMA continues to evaluate the viability of the Moderna vaccine for children aged between 6 and 11 years, after having already authorized it for those over 12. EFE


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