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31,000 telecom scam suspects from northern Myanmar handed over to China

Beijing, Nov 21 (EFE).- China has received more than 31,000 people suspected of engaging in telephone frauds from northern Myanmar, the Chinese ministry of public security said Tuesday.

where they were supposedly part of criminal groups dedicated to deceiving Chinese citizens from the neighboring country, reported today the Ministry of Public Security of China.

The ministry said that the Chinese police had conducted a series of joint operations with Myanmar’s security forces since September, in which they captured and extradited numerous telephone scam suspects who were hiding in northern Myanmar.

The ministry said that these crackdowns had “dealt a severe blow” to criminal organizations, which had established bases in northern Myanmar to take advantage of the poor regulations and legal vacuum that exist there.

Cyber scams originating in northern neighboring Myanmar have received considerable attention in Chinese media and social media in recent months.

Among the suspects are some of the ringleaders, who allegedly used mobile phones and computers to make fraudulent calls to victims in China, posing as officials, police or medical personnel, and demanded payment of alleged fines, taxes or doctor expenses.

Last week, Myanmar’s military junta announced the arrest of three prominent gangsters linked to cyber scams and other crimes in the city of Laukkai, near the border with China, and who were wanted by Beijing.

Laukkai is known for casinos and centers where victims of human trafficking are allegedly forced to participate in online scams.

The ministry said that the Chinese police will continue to “maintain a high-pressure crackdown on telecom network fraud criminal groups in northern Myanmar.”

It will “continue to deepen cooperation” on the China-Myanmar border and “resolutely safeguard the safety of life, property and legitimate rights and interests of the people, and effectively maintain border security and stability,” the ministry concluded. EFE


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