80,000 tourists stranded in Chinese city due to Covid-19 resurgence

Beijing, Aug 8 (EFE).- Around 80,000 tourists remain stranded in the Sanya, a tourist town in southern Chinese island of Hainan, as Covid-19 lockdown entered its third day on Monday in the region over a fresh outbreak of the disease.

The Hainan authorities implemented the restrictions on after a sharp increase in infections in a single day from 24 confirmed cases to 127 on Friday.

Since the start of the month – the peak tourist season in Sanya – there have been 983 cases detected, resulting in the cancellation of all tickets on flights and trains from the city.

Tourists who want to leave the area will have to test negative in five PCR tests within seven days, according to authorities.

The city’s airport witnessed hundreds of people trying to unsuccessfully get flights back home, many of them worried about their children’s schools reopening while several others about the excessive cost of having to stay longer than planned.

Although several hotels have brought down their prices on the recommendation of the authorities during the lockdown, local media carried reports of numerous tourists outraged over having to pay as much as four times higher for lodging.

China maintains a strict zero-tolerance policy against the coronavirus with lockdowns, mass testing, and almost-total border closures. EFE


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