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87 year old Barazilian DJ not ready to leave the stage

Nayara Batschke

Sao Paulo, May 12 (EFE).- At age 87, Osvaldo Pereira, also known as the father of Brazilian DJs, has the same energy he had at 30.

Osvaldo is famous for his innovative techniques that revolutionised the Sao Paulo nightlife in the 1950s, when music at parties was played by music bands. With his creative mind, Osvaldo invented the devices to create the “Invisible Orchestra”, also known as the DJ.

Born in 1934 in a small town of Muzambinho, Osvaldo found his passion for music as a child. Son of a humble family, he did not have access to a radio, which was only for the rich, he told EFE. It was when he would deliver clothes to his mother’s rich customers, who worked as a laundress, that he discovered music on the radio.

At the age of 12, he moved to São Paulo, where he started accompanying his sister to discotheques and exploring the musical universe of the big city. A little over ten years later, in 1958, he started his career as a DJ, doing small gigs at weddings and parties, while working as a electronics technician.


Thanks to his pioneering techniques, demand grew quickly for Osvaldo to perform at São Paulo’s main party venues.

“The price of my parties was very attractive, because orchestras were much more expensive than a single DJ,” he said.

For a whole decade, Osvaldo animated the nights of São Paulo with his extensive musical repertoire, which ranged from samba and bolero to the biggest international rock hits. But in 1968, he decided to abandon his DJ career to be a family man.


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