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95 people rescued from burning passenger ship in Indonesia

Jakarta, May 29 (EFE).- Indonesian rescue and rescue teams on Saturday managed to evacuate 95 people who were aboard a passenger ship where a large fire broke out, the country’s emergency service reported.

The fire began around 7:15 am when the vessel, which was travelling between Ternate and Sanana, was about nine kilometers (5.6 miles) northwest of the island of Lifamatola, in the central region of the Indonesian archipelago.

The director in Ternate of the National Search and Rescue Agency, Muhamad Arafah, said that all people aboard have survived the incident and have already been moved to land after a sea and air operation.

In images released by the agency, dozens of people with life jackets are seen jumping into the water from the ship, which was carrying 81 passengers and 14 crew members, to get on one of the life rafts to escape the flames engulfing the stern.

The emergency teams are now analyzing how to move the wrecked ship, which has not sunk, to the nearest port. EFE


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