A coronavirus-era Olympics under strict health protocols

Toyko, Jul 20 (EFE).- As Tokyo remains under a state of emergency due to an elevated number of coronavirus cases, the Olympics will be held in an unprecedented “bubble” with no spectators, a ban on overseas fans and strict restrictions on the movement of all the participants.

As of Tuesday, 67 participants in the Games, including five athletes, have tested positive for coronavirus.


Athletes are only allowed to move between the Olympic Village, training facilities and their accommodation. If they are caught beyond these areas, they can face penalties ranging from fines to disqualification from the Games.

They will also have to undergo daily Covid-19 tests and have been recommended to avoid physical interaction and wear face masks at all times.

All participants must download a health app on their smartphones during their stay in Japan, on which they must record their health status, including body temperature, on a daily basis. The app will also monitor their movements via a GPS.

Olympic family members to attend the sporting event will be forced to isolate in specific areas and barred from visiting the Olympic and Paralympic Village.


In a last minute decision, organizers decided the Games would be held without spectators.

Organizers had previously announced they would allow up to 10,000 spectators, but after experts warned of the health risk it would pose and the danger of new variants, the decision had to be reversed.

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