A march against the upcoming European Council in Spain calls for a more just Europe

Granada, Spain, Sept 30 (EFE).- In the Spanish city of Granada, where the European Council will meet next week, hundreds of people marched Saturday against the European Union’s “austerity” policies and to demand a more welfare-oriented Europe.

The demonstration, dubbed the Granada Social Summit, passed off without incident. It was made up of more than 30 social, trade union and political organizations and called on the European Union to put the underprivileged classes and human rights first.

This is the first mobilization organized in response to the meeting of the European Council that will be held on Oct. 5 and 6, by social and neighborhood groups, as well as trade unions and political parties, with the aim of defending the idea that a different Europe is possible.

The organizers, as they explained to EFE, want to build a Europe of freedom and justice that says no to the current wars and that is “defiant, solidary and green”.

In a festive atmosphere, the participants in Saturday’s march, who came from all over Spain, chanted slogans against the NATO bases in the Spanish town of Rota, against evictions and against migration policies that cause deaths on a daily basis.

There were also banners in support of public health care, against profiteering, and for a safe environment for the LGBT community.

This demonstration will be followed by one on Thursday with the slogan “Granada is not a photo”, in reference to the official photo to be taken by the heads of state and government representatives attending the summit.EFE


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