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A multicolored painted garden exhibited in Mexico

Guadalajara, Mexico, May 14 (EFE).- Inspired by Google Earth images and monuments of the city of Guadalajara, Mexican artist Enrique Hernández has created a visual feast full of shapes and colors in his exhibition Trespassing a Garden (The Tangled Eden), which opened this weekend.

Since 2006, Hernández has created part of his work from digital images and photographs to “materialize” them in his work.

The painter said in an interview with EFE that technology can be a means to generate art since it is part of everyday life.

“Art is a reflection of life itself. How much do we live off technology? So why shouldn’t art reflect that life in some way? I don’t see why we have to limit ourselves,” he said.

The works shown at Cabañas Museum offer an urban tour in which the squares, buildings, modern monuments and streets are interwoven with silhouettes of plants and multicolored lines.

The intention was to take up the different perspectives that passers-by have of the city, what it is like to walk through it and make interventions with different textures to fragment that experience, Hernández said.

The digital unfolds in the pieces that invite the viewer to enter and explore the spaces, also attracted by the colors that range from white to dark grey.

“Color for me is a spatial matter, where you can put more textures and make it different. It is an accumulation of the possibilities of handling the material that they offer, and what gives richness to the painting,” he said.

The shapes “come out” of the paintings and invite the attendees to enter a kind of garden.

The exhibition will run at Cabañas Museum until Aug. 20. EFE


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