A sanitary landfill in pursuit of becoming a tree sanctuary in Bolivia

La Paz, Oct 1 (EFE).- More than 30 hectares of territory in the city of La Paz that 17 years ago functioned as a sanitary landfill, is now in the process of becoming a tree sanctuary, the first of its kind in Bolivia.

The sanitary landfill concerned is located in Mallasa in La Paz. It functioned from 1991 to 2004, and that after 17 years of hard work and care has become a green space.

On the occasion of National Arbor Day on Friday, volunteers and officials from the Paceña mayor went to the landfill to some 300 seedlings as a part of this project.

“We want to make this landfill a forest, it is still 10 years to open it to the public, but when it is done we want it to be a forest that can be visited by the public,” the municipal secretary of Environmental Management, Jose Carlos Campero, told EFE.

At least 12 of the 33 hectares of the landfill will be forested with some nine species of trees and shrubs characteristic of the dry Andean valleys that have “important environmental services” and that require little water, Campero said.

The idea is make it a green “sanctuary” with nature and tree species that attract different birds of the area such as the Andean hummingbird and bees.

By March 2022, thousands of trees will be planted with the help of volunteers, and will be maintained with the help of the company SAFI. The forest is expected to become a reality by 2031.

La Paz Mayor Ivan Arias planted the first tree and stressed the place will become another “lung” for the city.

Indira Arias, one of the dozens of volunteers at the event, spoke to EFE about the importance of these environmental activities as they will generate a positive change and benefit new generations amid a climate change crisis in the world.

“If we want to be part of the change we want to see in our country, we have to start with small actions,” she concluded. EFE


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