Activist Yunior García: Romantic ideals must end, Cuba is a dictatorship

Madrid, Nov 18 (EFE).- Cuban activist Yunior García Aguilera called on the international community to bin nostalgic notions of the island and labeled the communist government a dictatorship.

A day after fleeing to Spain, the dissident leader of Archiepiélago opposition group told reporters at a packed press conference in Madrid on Thursday that “the revolution devoured its children and grandchildren.”

García explained that he and his wife were forced to leave following months of harassment from authorities since mass protests he helped organize on July 11.

Tensions flared further when the Archiepiélago group called for a peaceful protest on November 15.

“If they condemned me, they would make a symbol of me, if they killed me, the same thing would happen. They wanted to annul me as a person, and they almost succeeded,” the activist said.

García said that the regime’s strategy was to keep the activist silenced and cut off from the world at home.

“I have not requested asylum, my intention is to return to Cuba but I do not want to do things with anger,” the 39-year-old dissident added.

García arrived in Madrid on Wednesday on a tourist visa, government sources told Efe.

Hours after landing in the Spanish capital with his wife, the Cuban artist shared his new location on social media and thanked his friends and the people who had helped him flee Cuba.EFE


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