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Aeneas arrives at Rome’s Imperial Forums

Rome, Dec 14 (EFE) – An exhibition on Aeneas, the mythical Trojan prince to whom the ancient Romans attributed their mythological origins, opened on Wednesday at Rome’s Imperial Forums.

“The Journey of Aeneas: from Troy to Rome” will be open until April 10, 2023, in the Temple of Romulus.

“Aeneas symbolizes the flow of culture from the eastern shore of the Mediterranean to Italy and Rome, which subsequently spread to the rest of the continent,” director of the Colosseum’s archaeological site, Alfonsina Russo, told a press conference.

The show displays 24 sculptures, vases, and other objects from various Italian museums and institutions, depicting scenes of the Trojan War, the triumph of the Achilles, the destruction of the city of Troy, and Aeneas’ escape. EFE


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