Afghan professor dresses in white to protest against Taliban

Kabul, Oct 6 (EFE).- An Afghan university professor and his family dressed up in white shrouds in Kabul on Wednesday to protest against the economic and political problems caused by the Taliban takeover of the country.

“We are going through a terrible political, economic and social situation. The consequences of which will be the defeat of the nation, particularly the loss of the achievements for the women, girls and children in the past 20 years,” the professor, Muhammad Saber Insandost, told EFE.

Insandost, who used to teach in several private universities, lost his jobs after Kabul fell to the Taliban on Aug. 15 and the earlier government was ousted.

Only one of the institutes that employed him remains open, but the students are unable to pay the fees due to the cash crisis in the country.

“I lost my job, I haven’t had any income for the past three months, particularly after the arrival of the Taliban. Most of the university students no longer attend the university classes,” the teacher said.

“We are unemployed and hungry! There is 100 % discrimination and prejudice! Women were deprived of work and our girls were deprived of education!,” were among the slogans that the family chanted during the protest.

Insandost urged the Taliban to “end the discrimination, prejudice and restrictions to prevent the uprising of the people” and another civil war after four decades of conflicts and instability.

The protest march was short-lived as after a few hundred meters, the Taliban stopped the family from moving forward and forced the gathering to disperse.

The Islamists have banned all protests held without their explicit approval and in recent weeks, the authorities have violently dispersed some demonstrations.

The United Nations and several international agencies have expressed concerns over the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan, where millions of people are in need of urgent help.

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