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Afghan, Taliban accuse each other of obstructing peace talks

Kabul, Jun 30 (EFE).- The Afghan government and the Taliban on Wednesday accused each other of hindering peace negotiations aimed at ending two decades of war in Afghanistan.

“The unprecedented increase in the violence and war in recent months shows that peace in the Taliban’s belief is nothing more than a mirage. This group is misusing the peace process, but in fact don’t believe in a political settlement,” Afghanistan’s Second Vice President Sarwar Danish said in a press conference in Kabul.

He added that despite the government’s efforts, the insurgents had “increased their violence and fled from the negotiation table.”

“Their goal is a monopolized seizing of the power through war and they don’t believe in a peaceful settlement or a just political power sharing,” Danish said.

The vice president said that the Taliban had not followed their commitments as per the peace agreement they signed with the United States in Doha in February 2020.

The Taliban had promised Washington to reduce violence in the country, announcing a ceasefire, carrying out meaningful negotiations and cutting ties with terror groups.

“None of these commitments were fulfilled,” Danish insisted.

The Taliban spokesperson in Doha, Naeem Wardak, rejected Kabul’s claims and insisted that the group was committed to taking forward peace negotiations.

“The Islamic Emirate (as the Taliban address themselves) has believed from the beginning till now that problems should be solved through talks.” he said.

The spokesperson added that despite the differences between the two sides the insurgents “are still not hopeless, and we want them (the Afghan government) to be responsible.

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