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Afghan women protest killing, torture of former security forces by Taliban

Kabul, Dec 28 (EFE).- More than 50 women demonstrated Tuesday in the Afghan capital demanding an end to the killing and torture by the Taliban of security forces members employed by the previous government before it was overthrown earlier this year in August.

The women also raised slogans demanding equality and justice, and claimed that amnesty for all former officials and security forces members declared by the Islamists after coming to power was only a big lie.

“We will not stay quiet. The Taliban announced general amnesty but it was only to deceive Afghans, as they are continuously killing and torturing the brave security force members of the previous government,” Marjan Amire, one of the protest organizers, told EFE.

The protests comes amid frequent local media reports of targeted killings and torture of former government security forces across Afghanistan.

On Monday, a huge protest took place in Panjshir province over the killing a youth by Taliban members.

Recently, a video clip has gone viral on social media showing Col. Rahmatullah Qaderi, a soldier under the previous government, being tortured by Taliban members, leading to criticism by the people.

Rahmatullah was arrested by the Taliban authorities from Kabul a few days ago and remains under the custody of the Islamists.

“Unfortunately, the media can’t cover (these incidents) and the Taliban officials are not confirming. But the killing and torture of the previous government’s security forces are continuously going on” Amiri stressed.

The Taliban cracked down violently on the protesters and the journalists attempting to cover it.

“The behavior of Taliban toward us was like treating enemies while we were just called for justice and urging not to kill our brave soldiers of the former government,” Mursal Ayar, a protester who claimed to have been beaten up and verbally abused by the Taliban, told EFE.

“The Taliban security forces came and seized cameras and cellphones from journalists and protesters (…). One of the Taliban security members even told us ‘if our senior gives us permission, I will kill all of you’,” Ayar said.

Women also raised calls for equality and fair treatment, especially amid a sudden restriction on access to education and right to work since the Taliban took over.

A recent order by the authorites has banned women without veils and without a male guardian from even being allowed inside taxis. EFE


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