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Afghanistan suffered most as a country in 2022, says report

Kabul, Jun 30 (EFE).- The people of Afghanistan experienced the least positive experiences and suffered the most negative incidents in 2022, according to a report that makes assessment based on the day to day experiences of countries, such as leisure, pain and sadness.

“One year after the Taliban returned to power, life was worse for Afghans than at any point in the past decade – or for anyone else on the planet,” said the latest annual report by the US assessment and consulting firm Gallup.

After interviewing 147,000 adults from 142 countries, the document draws up a classification based on the countries where people experience the most positive experiences on a daily basis, such as having a good rest, being treated with respect or leisure time; and another with those where their people deal with negative experiences such as physical damage, sadness or stress on a daily basis.

Afghanistan ranked last on the list of countries with the most positive experiences, and topped the one with the most negative experiences.

“Positive daily experiences were already in limited supply before the Taliban seized control, but these emotions largely disappeared from Afghanistan in 2021 — and did not return in 2022. The percentage of Afghans who said they felt enjoyment, learned something interesting or felt well-rested the previous day stayed at or near record lows,” the report concluded.

The survey was conducted between July and August last year, coinciding with the first anniversary of the return to power of the Taliban, which occurred on Aug.15, 2021.

The report “showed almost all Afghans (98%) rated their life so poorly that they were considered suffering.”

These results contrasted with the global trend, which according to the document, reflected a general increase in positive experiences among the people. EFE


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