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Afghans continue anti-Taliban protests despite ban

Kabul, Sep. 8 (EFE).- Hundreds of protesters on Wednesday came out on the streets of cities across Afghanistan to demand their rights, a day after the Taliban officially announced the formation of a new government consisting exclusively of fundamentalists from their ranks.

Dozens of people took part in demonstrations in different parts of Kabul, apart from protests in the provinces of Parwan, Takhar, Badakshan, and Ghazni, despite an explicit ban on such gatherings by the insurgent group.

The protesters shouted slogans against the Taliban, the alleged influence of Pakistan on the country, apart from demanding women’s rights and backing the resistance.

In the capital, some of the protests were led by women ready to challenge the Islamists in power after Zainab Mazari, daughter of late Shia leader Abdul Ali Mazari, announced her support for Ahmad Masood, head of the National Resistance Front, entrenched in Panjshir.

The women shouted slogans such as “freedom is our right” and opposed their exclusion and the reimposition of restrictions that are a throwback to the first Taliban regime two decades ago.

On Tuesday the Taliban had deemed similar protests “illegal,” and urged media to not cover them.

A number of journalists on Wednesday published social media posts reporting that Taliban fighters had attacked them on the streets and alleged that equipment had been seized from reporters trying to cover the protests.

According to local media sources, at least half a dozen journalists have been arrested, while images on social media images appear to show the Taliban also carrying out violent attacks on protesters.

Kabul-based newspaper Etilaatroz said that two of its reporters, Taqi Daryabi and Nematullah Naqdi had been “brutally beaten up” after being arrested by the Taliban.

According to the outlet, the two journalists had whiplash and cable marks on their heads and bodies and said that they had been taken to separate rooms and hit by the insurgents. Both Daryabi and Naqdi have been admitted to a hospital for treatment.

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