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Afghans protest in Kabul demanding unfreezing of central bank assets abroad

Kabul, Dec 29 (EFE).- The residents of Kabul province in Afghanistan on Wednesday held two separate protests calling for unfreezing of country’s central bank assets abroad.

Two protests, separated by gender, were held simultaneously 10am local time, in which hundreds of people, including women, took part by chanting slogans and carrying placards reading “Our money our rights, Biden!” and “We want our money, our children are hungry, why the world is silent,” among others.

The protesters criticized the United States President Joe Biden and the international community for allowing the people of Afghanistan to starve due to the economic crises, and urged them and the Taliban government to help them.

“We are tired of the situation, the hunger and poverty overthrowing our lives. But still Afghan people’s assets are blocked by the US which is one of the causes of the economic crises in Afghanistan,” protester Bibi Zarmina told EFE.

“The US should remove economic restrictions on Afghanistan, the policies of both the US and the Taliban are the causes of these situations where all Afghan people facing hunger and starvation,” Ajmal Sami, another protester told EFE.

This is the first time that men and women protested separately in Kabul province, marking a radical change in the society since the radical Taliban seized power in August.

The return of the Islamists, notorious for human rights abuses during their previous regime during 1996-2001, prompted the US to freeze its foreign assets, while a large part of the international community imposed economic sanctions and blocked aid.

The country now faces severe economic hardship, with lack of employment and adequate food, a situation aggravated by drought and a cruel winter. EFE


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