After sweeping Venezuelan opposition primaries, Machado sets sights on Maduro

Caracas, Oct 23 (EFE).- Soon after learning she had swept Venezuela’s opposition primaries, María Corina Machado promised Monday to remove President Nicolás Maduro from power in next year’s election in which she hopes to run despite being disqualified from doing so.

“In 2024 we are going to win in that presidential election, we are going to collect, and we are going to evict Nicolás Maduro and his regime and we are going to begin the reconstruction of our nation,” said the 56-year-old politician in her first speech.

She announced that she plans to “build a citizen organization like there has never been in history to make every vote count” and, with this, put an end to 24 years of Chavismo in power.

“Venezuela has broken down all barriers and this has been a citizen avalanche that has united our country,” she said about the primaries, in which she obtained 93 percent of the votes, according to the first official bulletin, with 26 percent of the ballots counted.

“There is no day of rest here. They are going to be the most luminous and glorious days in our history because they are the days in which this force will continue to grow until we achieve our purpose,” she insisted, raising applause from supporters who listened to her in the east of Caracas.

In July, the Comptroller’s Office indicated that the disqualification imposed on Machado in 2015, which at the time was said to last one year, will be extended until 2030, so the former deputy will not be able to hold elected positions unless the sanction is lifted. EFE


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