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Agencia EFE unveils new logo

Madrid, Feb 28 (EFE).- Agencia EFE on Monday unveiled a new logo with the aim of renewing its corporate image, highlighting its position as an international media company, and reflecting a strong, dynamic and modern vision that represents its values and identity: objectivity, accuracy, credibility and impartiality.

This is the fourth logo change since Agencia EFE was founded 83 years ago.

EFE President Gabriela Cañas believes the change “has been a natural process that makes the current image clearer and easier to read” and represents “an evolution.”

As a feature it “reflects the times”, she said.

Cañas sees the logo’s evolution as necessary to make the company’s identity clearer and more distinguishable.

“It is the result of an evolution, of a need to modernize Agencia EFE’s image and make the brand even more recognisable and visible,” she said.

The evolution began with the company’s first logo which consisted of the word EFE written with ticker tape around an ochre-coloured globe, and continued in 1986 with the letters EFE consisting of eight stripes (five long and three short) and a dot surrounded by a circle that intersected the first and last letters.

The circle surrounding the agency’s name was later replaced by a square. The first “E” was placed left of the square while the “F” and “E” were inside. The colon, one of the logo’s most important innovations, expressed EFE’s mission and work.

The new logo which was unveiled on Monday “improves the brand identity,” said Cañas.

“The chosen design makes the current brand image clearer, easier to read and more straightforward to use in many different formats. It has a dynamic and modern image, and increases the chances of being recognised and remembered,” she said.

The logo will be gradually introduced in the coming months and has been designed entirely by a team from the company’s Corporate Marketing and Sales Department, a fact that highlights the value of the agency’s talent.

The design has kept the colon after the word EFE as a element because it is a punctuation mark that well reflects a particular feature of journalism: the aim of drawing attention to what continues to be the symbol of a profession that must be based on the meticulous, accurate and impartial reporting of the facts.

It has compact typography that gives it strength and symmetry, as well as more space between letters, making it more legible, even in small sizes.

The color used for the design has a strong ultramarine blue influence.

From the Latin “ultramarinus” which means “beyond the sea,” it highlights EFE’s international scale, a company that is present in 180 cities in 120 countries around the world.

It is also a color that reinforces EFE’s scope as a “public institution of reference, that is responsible and credible.”

According to EFE’s Director of Strategy, Soledad Alvarez, the new logo will be introduced in stages over the next several months following a schedule involving various departments.

Alvarez also considers that the new brand conveys “seriousness and credibility” that corresponds to a state-owned media company which “was founded 80 years ago and is a benchmark for journalism in Spanish.”

The first logo change was made in 1986, under the presidency of Ricardo Utrilla, in the same year in which Alfonso Sobrado Palomares took office.

The second change was in 2006 with Álex Grijelmo at the helm.

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