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Airstrike kills 2 in Kyiv, Russia alleges Ukrainian drones set Pskov Airbase on fire

Moscow/Kyiv, Aug 30 (EFE).- Russia accused Ukraine of a “massive drone attack” that set fire to an airport in the western Pskov area, while an alleged Russian missile strike in Kyiv killed two security guards on Wednesday morning.

Drones hit an airbase in the western Pskov region of Russia and sparked a massive fire, Governor Mikhail Vedernikov said on the messaging app Telegram.

The region borders Estonia and Latvia.

“(Russian) forces are repelling a drone attack on an airport in Pskov,” the governor said.

The state-run Tass news agency, citing an unnamed emergency service official, said four Il-76 planes suffered damages at the Pskov military airport.

“As a result of a drone attack, four Il-76 planes were damaged. A fire broke out. Two aircraft are engulfed in flames,” the official told Tass.

The authorities have restricted flights over the Pskov region.

The Russian defense ministry told reporters that forces thwarted another drone attack by Ukraine on Moscow early on Wednesday.

“At around 3:30 a.m. Moscow time today, the Kyiv government’s attempt to attack facilities in Russia with a fixed-wing drone was thwarted,” the ministry said.

It said the drone crashed west of the Russian capital.

In Kyiv, two security guards were killed by the debris of Russian missiles shot down by Ukrainian forces Wednesday morning, per the regional administration.

Kyiv city military administration chief Sergei Popko wrote on Telegram that the Russians launched a “massive combined attack using drones and missiles” on the Ukrainian capital.

Popko said the Ukrainian Air Force intercepted more than 20 projectiles approaching the capital in what appeared to be the biggest Russian attack on Kyiv since spring.

At least three people sustained injuries in various city areas due to the falling debris.

Popko said the Russians launched the attack in two phases – using Iranian-designed Shahed kamikaze drones and missiles fired from Tu-95 strategic combat aircraft.

“Unfortunately…, two people were killed. Another was injured and is receiving medical assistance,” Popko wrote on Telegram.

Several buildings caught fire in the Shevchenko and Darnetsia districts. EFE


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