Al Gore: Mother nature is speaking up more powerfully than ever

Edinburgh, UK, Oct 23 (EFE).- Nature is speaking up like never before and we must act quickly, former vice president of the United States and environmentalist Al Gore told Efe in an exclusive interview ahead of the United Nations COP26 summit in Glasgow.

“Mother nature is speaking up in ways that are more powerful than we have seen in all of history,” he warned.

“The extreme weather events triggered by the climate crisis are now becoming more destructive and more frequent.

“I think it is increasingly obvious to everyone that we have to stop using our atmosphere as an open sewer because it is trapping so much heat, disrupting the water cycle, creating these extreme events like those that have hit Europe this summer,” he added.

Albert Arnold Gore has become a key player in the fight against climate change since 2006, when his book and documentary “An Inconvenient Truth” were published.

Today, he remains optimistic that with ambitious commitments and the development of clean energy, world powers can hit the target of keeping global temperatures under 1.5 to 2C above pre-industrial levels, as set out by the 2015 Paris Agreement.

“It will take time, but we don’t have much time, so we need to come out of the Glasgow meeting with a much stronger commitment among the nations of the world to move faster,” he said.

According to Gore, the upcoming climate conference in Glasgow is “the most important since the Paris Agreement in 2015” and urged countries to be more ambitious.

“This is the meeting where every nation has an obligation to review their commitments and make their commitments more ambitious. Many countries have done so, the European Union has done so, the United States of America has done so as well, so I am optimistic that we are going to see significant progress in Glasgow,” he said.

After its return to the Paris Agreement this year, the US has committed to reducing its carbon emissions by 50% by 2030 compared to 2005. It has not, however, made an official commitment to reach a decarbonized economy by 2050.

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