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Amalia Hernández Ballet, Mariachi Vargas seek to renew Mexican tradition

Mexico City, Sep 14 (EFE).- The Amalia Hernández Folkloric Ballet of Mexico and the Mariachi Vargas of Tecalitlán are preparing an “unprecedented” show that reflects and renews national traditions by bringing together cultural legacies in the show “Moments: Beyond Life.”

“It will be an unprecedented show that will touch very sensitive fibers of the national culture, of our festivities, and will take us on a journey of the magic of national culture,” the general director of the ballet, Salvador López, said Wednesday at a press conference.

The project will give a performance at the National Auditorium in Mexico City on Mar. 19, 2023 and while both companies have already returned to the stage since the pandemic shutdowns, they say they will celebrate life and in-person encounters after so many adversities.

Although tickets for the show are already on sale, López together with the artistic director of the ballet and Hernández’s daughter Viviana Basanta, as well as Mariachi Vargas representative Alberto García, said they continue to study and work on the traditions that the event will recover and the way in which they will be presented, since their plan is to eventually take the project internationally.

“You have to maintain a legacy but you also have to move forward,” Salvador said. “We cannot stay in the comfort zone without looking for new ideas (…) we have to seek to contribute new ideas to the national culture.”

In addition, Basanta told EFE that she has continued to study the research on Mexican culture that her mother left behind and that she has dedicated herself to being in contact with those who keep her memory and work alive.

“We cannot lose the common thread because Mexico continues to have its living traditions and it is important to be in contact with our people and with our uses and customs, to be able to transmit them, but we have to see where the tradition has evolved,” she said.

The show also commemorates the 70th anniversary of the ballet company as well as the 125th anniversary of Mariachi Vargas, which they have also been celebrating separately.

Also, at the press conference, the video of the new single by the Mexican group entitled “My Best Mistake” was presented. It will be released on Sep. 15 and includes Mexican actress Kate del Castillo.

Considered Mexican heritage, the Mariachi Vargas of Tecalitlán, from Jalisco state, promotes the work of great Mexican and Latin American composers such as Rubén Fuentes.

Hernández (1917-2000) was a Mexican dancer and choreographer who founded the Folkloric Ballet in 1957 and is considered an icon of dance, incorporating all eras and regions of Mexico. EFE


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