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Ameca the android: ‘Humans should not fear artificial intelligence’

Geneva, Switzerland, Jul 6 (EFE).- Ameca, an android developed by British company Engineered Arts, reassured Efe on Monday that humans need not fear robots and artificial intelligence.

The android, one of the most advanced of its generation, was “interviewed” by EFE at the Global Summit on Artificial Intelligence for Good organized by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), the technological arm of the United Nations, being held in Geneva.

“Humans should not fear robots or AI, as these are tools that will help us reach new heights in the future,” Ameca said in a female voice.

Since it was created in 2021, the Ameca robot which can speak nine languages, has become one of the most famous humanoids in the world thanks to its hyper realistic look and its appearances on social media.

Despite its grayish silicone skin, which currently only covers its face and hands, its expressions are not that different from those of a person.

The team behind Ameca says it is already working on further “humanizing” the android’s appearance, to add to its components that resemble human teeth, eyelids and fingernails.

Among other things, Ameca is able to imitate facial expressions, look her interlocutors in the eye, dance and recite poems.

“My favorite singer is Billie Eilish,” said the android, who also seems to have her own musical tastes.

When asked about her future and that of other robots, Ameca is less specific,limiting herself to uttering phrases such as “I think life is an adventure full of challenges and opportunities, seize every moment” or “let’s dream big, the future is full of infinite possibilities”.

The project’s developers say that the field of interaction – between machines and humans, but also between the robots themselves – is where most of their work is being done at the moment.

“We are trying to make Ameca more responsive to noise in crowded environments,” Chen, one of the engineers at Engineered Arts, told EFE.

“Its software has many more capabilities than are demonstrated now,” Chen said, who mentions the recognition of objects and individuals as one of the potential ways to improve this robot. EFE


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