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Americans trying to divide Afghan society: Taliban

Kabul, Aug 26 (EFE).- The Taliban Thursday accused the United States of creating divisions in the Afghan society, vowing they would not let the western allies of America turn the country into a Syria of South Asia.

“The United States is creating propaganda against the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (as the Taliban call themselves) and wants to create differences between Afghans. But all Afghans are brothers,” Shahabuden Delawar, one of the top Taliban leaders, said.

He was speaking during an event of tribal elders at a hotel in Kabul.

The Taliban leader said the fighters of the Islamist movement did not intend to be hostile to those who fought against them in the last 20 years.

“There is a bond of of trust between us and it is the US which is creating difference among the Afghans,” Delawar said.

He said the US and its western allies were also trying to spread propaganda that Afghanistan was turning to a second Syria.

“We would not be divided,” he said.

Delawar vowed that they would not let the propaganda by the “infidels” of the western world succeed.

He promised that the new Afghan government would have representation of all communities in the country.

Taliban spokesperson Zabihullah Mujahid Wednesday said they hoped to form an “inclusive” Afghan government before the Aug.31 deadline for withdrawing foreign forces from the country.

The Islamist militia that seized power in Kabul on Aug.15 has said they were working on shaping up the new administration, which they have promised would represent the entire Afghan community.

Delawar called on the international community to complete their evacuation process by Aug.31 as the Taliban would not let any foreign soldier on the Afghan soil even for one second after the withdrawal deadline. EFE


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