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Amini died of blows to the head, family lawyer says

Tehran, Oct 2 (EFE).- Mahsa Amini’s family lawyer on Sunday said independent accredited doctors have confirmed that the death of the young Iranian woman in police custody was due to being struck several times and not due to an existing illness as authorities have claimed.

“I, and the renowned doctors and knowledgeable people who have been consulted, believe that Mahsa was definitely beaten before she arrived at the police station and with a high probability, she was also (beaten) when she was detained there,” Saleh Nikbakht told the Iranian Etemad newspaper.

“A person in charge says that Mahsa had a previous illness, another says that Mahsa’s thyroid pills caused her death, others speak of other illnesses,” the lawyer criticized added.

Amini was arrested by Iran’s morality police on September 13 for not wearing her veil correctly.

Authorities say she had a stroke while in police custody and was admitted to Tehran’s Kasra Hospital hours after her arrest where she fell into a coma.

The young woman died on September 16. Iranian police issued a statement confirming her arrest and denying any responsibility in Amini’s death.

Authorities have attributed her death to pre-existing health problems and have denied that she was beaten.

A forensic report is expected to be published soon.

Nikbakht told the Iranian newspaper that specialized doctors and independent experts say that “Mahsa’s death has nothing to do with her previous illness, which consisted of the removal of a mole or a small gland above the eye.”

Likewise, the lawyer denied that Mahsa had a history of cardiovascular or kidney disease in the past and stressed that “her sudden death cannot be related to previous and underlying diseases.”

“Her family wants to know what kind of illness or external trauma caused the blood that seeped from the bottom of her skull behind her neck and ears,” Nikbakht said.

The lawyer added that Mahsa’s family was calling for “a committee of independent research that includes 3 to 5 trusted doctors.”

“Without this independent committee,” he added, “it is not possible to get people to accept that the investigation process in the case was transparent and impartial.”

Amini’s death has sparked a wave of deadly protests across the country.

According to the Iran Human Rights group, 133 have been killed in protests that have been violently quelled across the country. EFE


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