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Andalusia announces program promoting Spanish language

Madrid, May 5 (EFE).- Andalusia’s regional government Wednesday announced the launch of the ‘Spanish as a Foreign Language’ (ELE) program.

The initiative aimed to promote the Spanish language in Europe was developed by the Andalusian agency for foreign promotion, Extenda.

Developed to “encourage the activity of the (Spanish teaching) sector in Europe,” the plan is to put an emphasis on the markets in Italy through a “direct commission mission,” with two different rounds of workshops in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg, as well as in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland,

Extenda said in a statement that it backed the Spanish language teaching sector with a strategy to “guide schools abroad so that they can achieve their objectives and potential audience.”

“There has been a strong uptake with more than 8,800 Spanish teachers in more than a dozen of European countries signing up,” Extenda added.

Earlier, Queen Letizia of Spain held her first meeting as the honorary president of the Foundation of Emerging Spanish (FundéuRAE) at the headquarters of the Spanish Royal Academy (RAE).

Among those who took part in the meeting were Santiago Muñoz Machado, chief of FundéuRAE and RAE director, and Gabriela Cañas, FundéuRAE vice president and president of Agencia Efe.

Spanish writers Carme Riera, Soledad Puértolas, José María Merino and Álex Grijelmo also attended the meeting, as well as FundéuRAE director Olivia Piquero.

Letizia, who accepted FundéuRAE’s honorary presidency in January, was informed about the current situation of the foundation, its plans for 2021, and projects under development.

She discussed the role of Spanish in the media and reviewed the potential points on the new edition of the Language and Journalism Congress, set to take place in San Millán de la Cogolla later this year.

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