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‘Another Energy:’ Artists inspire power to continue amid covid challenges

Tokyo, Apr 21 (EFE).- Works of 16 veteran artists aged between 71-105 are on display in Tokyo to inspire driving forces to continue amid challenges brought by the coronavirus pandemic.

“Another Energy: Power to Continue Challenging,” includes around 130 artworks of paintings, sculptures, and installations.

Some of the art pieces are half a century old and some were created just for the Tokyo exhibition thrown open for the media Wednesday, a day ahead of its inauguration.

The oldest participant, Carmen Herrera, 105, is a Cuban-American visual artist and painter.

Her geometry-inspired paintings and sculptures harmoniously share space with the tri-dimensional and minimalist work made of rope and nails by Japanese artist Kazuko Miyamoto (79).

Brazilian Anna Bela Geiger, 88, is displaying artwork inspired by traditional Japanese prints Ukiyo-e.

Colombian Beatriz Gonzalez, 82, brings reflections of the sorrows of political repression and her distinct integration of art in daily use furniture, such as dressing tables.

Reclaiming the figure of the woman, the show also includes photographs, videos, and installation by American Suzanne Lacy (Wasco, 1945), South Korean Kim Soun-Gui (Buyeo, 1946), Egyptian Anna Boghiguian (Cairo, 1946), and Swiss Miriam Cahn (Basel, 1949).

“Amid the unprecedented condition of the world, perhaps the sight of 16 artists, who all have spent their lives walking their own paths with such immovable conviction, may offer us just the strength to tackle the ongoing challenges and to face the future with resilience and determination,” Tokyo’s Mori museum said in a statement.

The exhibition would remain open at the Museum until Sep.26 and mark the reopening of the facility after months of closure for renovation, coinciding with the second state of emergency in the Japanese capital due to Covid-19 at the beginning of this year.

The pandemic has been among the factors that prevented all the artists from joining the exhibition’s opening in Japan.

The show has been curated by Japan’s Mami Kataoka, who works for the Mori museum, and German Martin Germann, who has been unable to travel to Japan due to ongoing travel restrictions. EFE


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