Anti-Chávez candidate withdraws from primaries, offers support to María Corina Machado

Caracas, Oct 13 (EFE).- Venezuelan opposition primary candidate Freddy Superlano, disqualified by the Comptroller’s Office from holding public office, announced Friday that he is withdrawing his candidacy to support María Corina Machado, who is also disqualified.

Superlano’s resignation comes six days after Henrique Capriles also announced his withdrawal from the October 22 electoral race, in his case, to make way for a “viable option” of a competitor who is not disqualified from holding public office as he is.

During a press conference from the Caracas headquarters of the Vente Venezuela party, led by Machado, Superlano assured that the pre-candidate has all the “confidence” of him and her political formation, Voluntad Popular (VP).

“María Corina has our confidence. We deliver to you a value that for us is invaluable, which is the people,” he stressed.

He said that now begins “a new stage” in the electoral contest and that they put all their “capacities at the disposal of the Venezuelan libertarian cause.”

“The generalized public opinion manifests, María (Corina Machado), that you are the person who must lead this idea of change in Venezuela,” asserted Superlano.

Machado also addressed the media and showed herself “excited” and “even more committed” to the challenge of defeating Chavismo.

“This struggle goes far beyond the conventional electoral (…) this force that grows every day is unstoppable, and we are turning it into an invincible social movement”, she expressed.

The former deputy considered that this support from the VP is a “testimony of trust” that she receives with “humility” and that it comes from a political movement that bets on “the liberation of Venezuela.”

With the departure of Capriles and Superlano, the primaries will face 11 candidates who hope to be elected to represent anti-Chavismo in the 2024 presidential elections. EFE


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