Anti-Chavismo calls for a commission to verify agreements with the government

Caracas, January 27 (EFE).- The delegation of the opposition United Democratic Platform (PUD) for the dialogue with the Venezuelan Government called on Saturday for a monitoring and verification commission to evaluate the status of the agreements signed last October in Barbados.

“There is no control over the verification and execution of each of the stages of the agreements,” asserted the head of the opposition delegation in the negotiations, Gerardo Blyde, to the press.

In the opinion of the delegation, the government has violated what was agreed upon after the Supreme Court ratified the disqualification against opposition leader María Corina Machado on Friday. This action prevented her from competing in the presidential elections, even though she obtained 92.35 % of the vote as the candidate of the anti-Chávez majority in a primary.

According to Blyde, a group should already exist to evaluate “the truth and the real execution of what was agreed.” The parties had agreed in October to create the commission when the “partial agreement on the promotion of political rights and electoral guarantees for all” was signed.

He detailed the parties had established “to appoint, by mutual agreement, two additional persons” so that they, together with someone designated by Norway -facilitator of the political negotiation- may be the ones to verify the fulfillment of the agreements. But regarding this promise, both the government and the anti-Chavism are “in debt.”

The date for the presidential election scheduled for the second semester of this year has yet to be determined.

For Blyde, the lack of an electoral chronogram “makes it impossible for there to be enough time for all the observation missions to come, to do everything that has to be done with the Electoral Registry, with the registration of new voters,” among other aspects.

In response to the requests for a review of electoral disqualifications, the Supreme Court also ratified an administrative sanction against two-time presidential candidate Henrique Capriles and qualified five other opposition candidates. EFE


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