Argentina’s opposition candidate upset by Mauricio Macri’s “friendly fire”

Buenos Aires, Oct 4 (EFE).- The candidate of the coalition Juntos por el Cambio (center-right) for the Argentine presidency, Patricia Bullrich, showed her discomfort Wednesday with the statements of former President Mauricio Macri (2015-2019), who returned to wink at the libertarian Javier Milei.

The leader of La Libertad Avanza (ultra-right) himself acknowledged that, after being the most-voted candidate in the PASO (primary, open, simultaneous, and mandatory) elections, held on August 13, the former president wrote to congratulate him and said that if elected president, he would like to have Macri for diplomacy or a sort of representative of “Argentina’s brand.”

Such was the ambiguity at the time that the former president had to support Bullrich to silence the rumors publicly.

However, the latest chapter of “friendly fire” starred by the founder of Pro (Propuesta Republicana), a party registered in Juntos por el Cambio and to which Bullrich also belongs, on Wednsday in the United States.

During an event Macri said that his candidate would win the October elections, but that, if that did not happen, he expected his coalition “to support any reasonable reform” that Milei could carry out.

“But since we are going to win, I hope they will also help us to pass the bills we need to make all the reforms and face Argentina’s great challenge, which is to get rid of the fiscal deficit after 70 years,” he asserted afterward.

After Macri’s public intervention, Bullrich pointed out on Wednesday that “it is not the right time to say such a thing” and that it had been an “inconvenient” statement.

“Our force is working absolutely united, so I will discuss with Mauricio Macri why he made a declaration of this kind when we are in a different fight,” she said in a radio interview.

At the same time, from La Libertad Avanza, Milei’s party, they observe with some amusement the internal struggle in Juntos por el Cambio -formation with which they compete for a range of voters- and so the candidate for the mayor of Buenos Aires, Ramiro Marra, opened his arms to the eventual arrival of Macri.

“It seems they want to retire Macri because of these declarations. Mauricio, everyone already knows that you voted for @JMilei. While others want to kick you out, we welcome you #LaLibertadAvanza,” he wrote on his social network X account.

Argentina holds presidential elections on October 22 and, if none of the candidates reaches 45 % or at least 40 % and 10 percentage points over the second most voted, there will be a second round on November 19.

The winner will assume the Argentinean Presidency from December 10, 2023 until 2027. EFE


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