Argentina’s opposition wins legislative polls ahead of 2023 election

Buenos Aires, Nov 14 (EFE).- The Together for Change coalition, Argentina’s main opposition force, celebrated its victory in Sunday’s legislative elections by becoming the most voted formation in a large part of the country’s districts.

“Millions of Argentines throughout the country said enough and defeated sadness, frustration, pain, anger,” said the head of the Buenos Aires party list Maria Eugenia Vidal, who will enter congress after serving as the capital’s governor between 2015 and 2019.

More than 34 million people were called to polls to renew half of the seats in congress (without a majority of any political group) and a third of the seats in the senate (dominated by the ruling party.)

With 99.4 percent of the votes counted, the list headed by Vidal achieved a comfortable victory in the capital by obtaining 47 percent of the votes, one point less than in the September primaries, when the three lists presented by the opposition coalition totaled 48.1 percent.

Buenos Aires, the main stronghold of the opposition to the popular Peronist movement, has been governed since 2015 by Horacio Rodriguez Larreta, one of Together for Change’s top leaders and potential candidate in the 2023 presidential elections.

“This result is a recognition of the transformation that we have been making together for many years in the city and that Mauricio (Macri) began,” Vidal said from the opposition headquarters located in Costa Salguero, referring to the former president.

During her speech, the newly elected deputy spoke of her party’s priorities in congress such as education, employment and security, issues on which she said she would work with great “humility” and “firmness.”

“In the midst of a very difficult time, we come to provide serenity, common sense (…) a safe place in congress, a solid bloc, a team of parliamentarians and senators who have experience, who went through crises and who learned,” Vidal said amid followers’ ovations. EFE


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