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At career peak, Luis Fonsi says he remains open to exploring different genres

By Alfonso Rodriguez

San Juan, Nov 17 (EFE).- Puerto Rican singer-songwriter Luis Fonsi, now at the height of his career and in the spotlight once again following the release of the new romantic single “Nuestra balada,” said he feels more comfortable than ever about embarking on different musical adventures.

“I try to not be afraid and to mix styles. There are no rules in music,” the five-time Latin Grammy winner said in an interview with Efe, adding that he admires recording artists who “do different things.”

Speaking on the eve of a pair of sold-out concert dates at the Chilean capital’s Movistar Arena on Thursday and Friday, Fonsi said he is convinced the fans who have followed him since his 1998 debut album “Comenzare” appreciate both his romantic facet as an artist and the more rhythmic style he employs as an urban music performer.

“I don’t think so much strategically. I’m more heartfelt and let myself be led by my heart and my instincts. But, yes, it is a return to that romantic ballad,” Fonsi said of his latest track produced by Mauricio Rengifo and Andres Torres.

“It’s to let my fans know I’ve never strayed from that, let my fans know that that’s still me, because my music has always sprung from a romantic” source, the 43-year-old artist said.

That romanticism is also seen in Fonsi’s urban music hits like “Despacito,” a sensual track featuring fellow Puerto Rican Daddy Yankee that is the second-most viewed YouTube video of all time.

Fonsi took home four Latin Grammys in 2017 for “Despacito”: Record of the Year, Song of the Year, Best Urban/Fusion Performance and Best Short Form Music Video.

“I’m not going to stop doing all types of music because as an artist I have those two sides. I have the side that’s very rhythmic, very much about fusion, about dancing and partying, but also the melancholic (side), very much about the lyrics, about writing, guitar and piano,” he said.

The singer-songwriter also has plans for a new tour titled “Noche Perfecta Tour,” whose first shows are to take place on Feb. 12-13 at San Juan’s Coliseo Jose Miguel Agrelot.

“Since they coincide with Valentine’s Day, there’ll be a more romantic atmosphere in the setlist,” Fonsi said.

He said that tour comes at one of the peaks of his long musical career and at a time of great fulfillment in his personal life with his wife, Spanish model Agueda Lopez, and their two children.

“I’ve managed to maintain a niche in the constantly changing music world, maintain a loyal fan base that has stayed by my side, reinvent myself on different occasions, have important songs in three different decades,” Fonsi said.

Yet despite his past success, the recording artist says his ambition has not waned and that he always aspires to grow and pursue new goals: “I want a lot more,” he said.

Like his peers, Fonsi’s public appearances have been few and far between in recent months due to the Covid-19 pandemic, although he has taken part in the television reality talent shows “La Voz España” and “La Voz Kids.”



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