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At least 5 killed in explosion near Kabul airport

Kabul, Aug 29 (EFE).- At least five people died on Sunday after an explosion was heard near Kabul’s airport as international forces carried out the final stage of evacuations, according to official sources.

The blast comes three days after at least 170 people were killed and scores were injured in a terrorist attack claimed by an affiliate of the Islamic State group.

The blast was caused by a rocket that hit a house in Khawaja Bughra, a residential area in District 15 near Kabul airport, a police officer told Efe.

Speaking to Efe on the condition of anonymity, a medical source said that the victims included three children.

So far, there has been no claim of responsibility.

Unites States officials said the US carried out a military strike targeting a suicide bomber in a vehicle aiming to carry out an attack at Kabul airport.

Military officials said they were “confident” its drone strike had been successful in eliminating an “imminent threat” to the airport and that there were no indications of any casualties at this time.

A Taliban spokesman, who took over Kabul earlier this month, also said the US had launched an airstrike targeting a suspected terrorist in a vehicle.

It is not clear yet if the US airstrike and the explosion reported earlier are related.EFE


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