At UN, North Korea defends right to develop, test weapons

United Nations, Sep 27 (EFE).- North Korea defended Monday before the United Nations its right to develop and test advanced weapons, something it considers necessary given the constant “threat” posed to the country by its southern neighbors and the United States. .

“No one can deny the just right of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea to develop, test, manufacture and possess weapons systems equivalent to those they own or are developing,” North Korean UN Ambassador Kim Song said in reference to the US and South Korea.

Kim said this during his UN General Assembly speech, which came shortly after Pyongyang launched an unidentified missile into the Sea of ??Japan, according to the South Korean Army.

This new weapons test comes after two other tests with ballistic missiles on Sep. 15, in defiance of the United Nations Security Council resolutions that prohibit these activities.

Kim defended North Korea’s need to develop defense capabilities to stop a war against it, after decades of feeling threatened by the United States.

“The possible outbreak of a new war on the Korean peninsula has been stopped not by the grace of the US but because our state is developing reliable deterrent forces that can control hostile forces in their attempts at military invasion,” he said.

The ambassador said North Korea has the capacity to defend itself despite there being “no other country that is under a similar constant threat of war.”

He said Pyongyang remains ready to respond positively if Washington abandons its “hostile” policy and shows it “with practical actions,” adding that “there is no prospect” that the US government will do so for now. EFE


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