Australia bans sensual dances at navy events following twerking incident

Sydney, Australia, Apr 16 (EFE).- Australian Defense Minister Peter Dutton said Friday that sensual dances will not occur again in official events, after videos went viral in which women appear “twerking” during a navy ceremony.

“It did not look good … it will not happen again,” Dutton told Channel 9 television after the controversy caused by this dance at a time when the government of Prime Minister Scott Morrison has been strongly criticized for the treatment of women.

On Saturday, shortly before the official incorporation of a logistics ship into the navy at a base in Sydney, the dancers of the “101 Doll Squadron,” dressed in t-shirts, red berets, shorts and black boots were recorded doing the dance. Twerking is a dance that involves rapid thrusting pelvic movements.

The dance was criticized by various politicians such as senator and former veteran Jacquie Lambie, who said it was “inappropriate,” while the defence ministry said it was committed to work “with all Australians of different backgrounds.”

Also, in the video broadcast by the ABC network, images were mixed in which dignitaries such as Australia’s Governor General David Hurley and the high military commanders appeared among the public, despite the fact that they had not witnessed the act.

Maya Sheridan, the dance group’s director, said Wednesday that there have been personal attacks on all platforms “against the dancers since the video went viral, which has also forced them to cancel their accounts on social networks.”

“We found it very creepy and more reflective of the ABC camera operator and their need to sexualize these women and their dance piece for their own gratification,” according to the statement released by ABC, which publicly apologized for the video and confirmed the dignitaries did not witness the event.

The controversy surrounding the video comes after Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s mismanagement criticism of the government and after former Liberal Party adviser Brittany Higgins said she was raped by a former partner in Parliament in 2019.

In addition to three other complaints against this alleged abuser, another was raised against then Attorney-General Christian Porter, now Industry Minister, for alleged sexual abuse more than 30 years ago, which he denies. Police archived the case for lack of evidence after the death in 2020 of the alleged victim.

Morrison, who rebuilt his cabinet at the end of March after the scandal, said the response to the report is “a roadmap for respect” and that he intends to “create a culture of respectful conduct in Australian workplaces.” EFE


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