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Australia’s Victoria state to ban Nazi salute after clashes

Sydney, Australia, Mar 20 (EFE).- The authorities of the Australian state of Victoria on Monday moved to ban the Nazi salute after far-rightists clashed with transgender rights activists in Melbourne at the weekend.

Neo-Nazis dressed in black with their faces partially covered performed Nazi salutes and clashed with trans-rights demonstrators on Saturday as a British anti-trans campaigner sought to speak to a crowd of her supporters outside Victoria’s Parliament House.

The far-right anti-trans protesters and trans-rights activists hurled abuse at each other, forcing police to form a human chain to prevent further clashes. At least three people were arrested.

“The behavior we saw on the weekend was disgraceful and cowardly. It’s clear this symbol is being used to incite hatred not just towards Jewish people, but our LGBTIQ+ community and other minority groups,” Victoria’s attorney general Jaclyn Symes said Monday in a statement.

She announced that she would expand the 2022 law that bans the Nazi swastika to also punish those performing the Nazi salute.

“We’ll look at how this can be done carefully, with considered consultation with a variety of groups, and will have more to say on the details of this legislation as undertake that,” she added.

To be approved, the bill must be ratified by the parliament of the state, where both sides of the government have already indicated in favor of the reform.

In July 2022, Victoria became the first Australian jurisdiction to ban the Nazi swastika. EFE


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