Ayuso against Sánchez’s negotiations with Bildu: “They damage Spain’s image”

New York, Oct 16 (EFE).- The president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, lashed out on Monday from New York against the acting Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, and his negotiations for the investiture with Bildu, which she said are “unacceptable” and damage the image of Spain abroad.

Ayuso, after a presentation of the new gala of the Teatro Real, responded harshly to questions about Sanchez’s negotiations to form a new PSOE government with partners such as Bildu, especially after a report in El Mundo in which members of ETA implicated Arnaldo Otegi in nine kidnappings and one murder.

“The important thing is in what position Sánchez is going to leave Spain in since that cover and those negotiations are unassumable, and the damage and deterioration to Spain’s image is immense, and not only now, but for the following generations,” she said.

“For the Government, Otegi is a man of peace, and for ETA, Otegi is one of theirs,” sentenced the politician, who also denounced “serious” consequences such as “releasing terrorists” and that some of them even go to the doctor and “do not even (do so) handcuffed.”

“Each one is winning his part of a booty; everything is more than agreed. They are in the small print to see how they tie a legislature through the taxes of all Spaniards, modifying the story so that what is scandalous seems normal,” she added.

From there, Ayuso went on to criticize other negotiations of Sánchez, specifically with “those who installed a corrupt regime as it was in Andalusia for decades” and “with people who have embezzled public funds in Catalonia” and committed crimes of “sedition.”

In that sense, she considered that the acting president seeks to stay in power for self-interest, and that is why he is “laundering dire deeds to people who have committed serious crimes against the Treasury” that leave in “wet paper the firm sentences of the National Court.”

“It is everything that Sanchez is doing to seek an international position: it is in what is a flight forward, to agree whatever with whoever to be temporarily using Spain and then make a leap to international politics and leave us here all this discredit,” she said.

Ayuso, who on Monday met with businessmen in New York to present Madrid as a city of investment, said that legal guarantees make the country attractive, so he accused Sanchez of generating “irreparable damage to the image of Spain” to expose “that tramples on the decisions of judges” and that “puts ahead of all a lawless democracy.”

“What is happening deserves a response and does not mean that the rest of us are extremists and do not want coexistence or progress, which is being installed by the Moncloa story,” she mentioned.

In this regard, she conveyed to the “world” that Madrid, as capital and region, “puts legal certainty above all” for investors and criticized the Government in office for imposing “random taxes,” raising them, and making a “constant crushing” for the company.

“We are a factory for expelling capital to Portugal and other countries, and that is why the Community of Madrid has a vital role,” defended Ayuso. EFE


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