Ayuso begins her visit to New York with a speech in defense of Hispanic Heritage

New York, Oct 14 (EFE) – The president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Diaz Ayuso, began her visit to New York on Saturday with a speech to Spanish students at Columbia University in which she defended the universality of Spanish and the “mestizo” heritage of the capital of Spain.

“Right here in New York, Spanish is a living language, with art, that every day more people use. A person can make their life in Spanish in this city because New York society is open and mestizo, like that of Madrid,” said the Madrid president.

Ayuso also highlighted the opportunities that Spanish opens up in the face of “nationalism” and “terroir” and claimed pride in defending Hispanidad and “not wasting time with the lies that some people want to impose on us.”

Thus, the president of the Community of Madrid defended that the “discovery” of America by the expedition of Christopher Columbus turned the continent into the center of the world by uniting Europe with Asia through the trade of “books, news, music, and spices.”

Ayuso thus opens a four-day trip to New York, during which she will also attend the Teatro Real’s gala at Lincoln Center to present the Spanish institution’s international tour and visit the Spain-US Chamber of Commerce and the offices of IBM. EFE


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