Badminton given glow-up with Malaysia’s Shuttle in the Dark

Bangkok, Apr 29 (EFE).- Badminton just got a sci-fi makeover with Shuttle in the Dark, a competition that sees lovers of the sport immersed in a world of luminescent shuttlecocks and rackets that have been custom-made for the Kuala Lumpur event.

In a closed room illuminated by black and ultraviolet light lamps, which highlight fluorescent flashes of color, the Shuttle in the Dark badminton club has given a playful twist to the game which happens to be one of Malaysia’s favorite sports.

“We intend to offer a different, fun and unique experience for all types of players, both beginners and professionals,” Irina Inozemtseva, co-founder of Malaysia Badminton Experience, a company that offers high-level badminton training with innovative approaches, told Efe over the phone.

For Shuttle in Dark, nets, rackets, shuttlecock, walls and track lines have been given a glow-up and are painted in bright fluorescent colors that help players to position themselves within the dark court.

Electronic music sets the pace for the offbeat game.

“It’s a very dark room … our biggest challenge was getting just the right amount of light for all the elements and finding a way to make the shuttlecock visible while maintaining the greatest safety (for the players) to avoid injuries,” the businesswoman added.

This innovative way of playing badminton began in early 2022 in a venue located in the iconic Petronas Towers in the Malaysian capital and its reception has been “very good, with players delighted with the experience,” Inozemtseva adds.

She collaborates with partners Twin Tower Fitness Center and Protech International and the project currently has the use of one track which users can rent, alongside the necessary equipment, for 180 ringgit ($41) an hour on the weekend and 160 ringgit an hour on a weekday for a maximum of eight players.

The entrepreneur, a former professional badminton player who runs a team in Malaysia, does not rule out expanding the experience to other countries such as Indonesia, Singapore or Thailand, where the sport is also very popular. EFE


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