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‘Ball in EU’s court’ over Nord Stream 2 gas supplies: Putin

Moscow, Oct 12 (EFE).- Russia is willing to restart gas supplies to Europe through part of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline that is still operational, president Vladimir Putin said Wednesday.

Speaking at the Russian Energy Week international forum in Moscow, Putin said: “the ball is in the court of the EU. If they want, they can just open the tap.”

“We are not restricting anyone anywhere, and we are also ready to supply additional volumes in the autumn-winter period,” he stressed.

Moscow has blamed the international community for the suspension of gas deliveries via Nord Stream 2 in the wake of the Kremlin’s invasion of Ukraine, while western leaders have accused Russia of “blackmailing” Europe by withholding energy supplies.

On Wednesday, Putin suggested that Turkey, which has played a mediating role in the war, become a center for the redistribution of Russian gas.

“The lost transit through the Baltic Sea route (via Nord Stream) could be transported to the Black Sea. And we could secure the main routes to Europe through Turkey, making it a key hub if our European partners are interested,” the Russian leader said.

The EU, especially Germany, has already said it will not restart Nord Stream 2 even if leaks caused by a series of explosions late last month can be repaired.

Berlin had also blocked certification of the pipeline before the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine on February 24.

Nord Stream 1 was also shut down due to an alleged oil leak detected at Russia’s only remaining operational compressor station.

Putin reiterated that the leaks detected on the two pipelines are the result of “an act of international terrorism” aimed at “undermining the energy security of an entire continent.”

“The attacks on Nord Stream set a dangerous precedent. It shows that any critical energy transport or communication infrastructure is at risk now, regardless of where in the world it is located, who operates it,” he said, accusing the US of intentionally damaging the pipeline to benefit from Russia and the EU severing ties and control the energy market. EFE


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