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Beijing criticizes overseas ‘restrictions’ on Chinese companies like Huawei

Beijing, Nov 7 (EFE).- China said Monday it condemned the “restrictions on the development” of its companies abroad such as Huawei “under the pretext of national security.”

“Chinese companies fulfill their social responsibilities in the countries and regions where they operate,” Qi Xiaoxia, director of the International Cooperation Office of the China Cyberspace Administration, told local media.

Qi said some countries “use export control measures” to “maliciously block and suppress” companies from China.

These actions “harm the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese companies,” said the official, who added that this situation “damages the global industry” and causes “serious disruptions to the stability of supply chains.”

Qi said decoupling between major economies “creates division and confrontation” and pointed to cooperation as “the only right path.”

The technology company Huawei is under the effect of the sanctions imposed by the United States for its alleged links with Chinese intelligence.

Since being included in a US blacklist in 2019, Huawei has lost access to components and technology developed in the North American country, such as the Android operating system.

Countries such as the US, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Great Britain and Sweden have banned the use of Huawei equipment in the IT systems of their government services and others such as France have decided to favor European providers such as Ericsson and Nokia. for security reasons.

In 2018, then US President Donald Trump started a trade war with China that was later extended to fields such as technology or diplomacy, with some voices in the North American country calling for reducing trade ties with Beijing. EFE


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