Beijing warns NATO to stop exaggerating Chinese threat ‘theory’

Beijing, Jun 15 (EFE).- China asked North Atlantic Treaty Organization on Tuesday to stop exaggerating the “theory” of Chinese threat, the group’s leaders expressed their concern at the Asian country’s coercive policies at the recent summit in Brussels.

A spokesperson for the Chinese Mission to the European Union, in a statement, called for NATO to stop “exaggerating the theory of Chinese threat” and not use “our legitimate interests and rights” as excuses to manipulate and create artificial confrontations.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg of Norway had underlined Monday that all members recognized that China was increasing its military capabilities and was continuing its coercive behavior.

Stoltenberg had also noted that Beijing was rapidly expanding its nuclear arsenal and was opaque regarding its military modernization.

The Chinese spokesperson, whose name was not listed in the statement, asserted that such claims by Stoltenberg amounted “slander” to contain China’s “peaceful development,” and accused the NATO of maintaining a Cold War mentality.

The official further urged NATO for adopting the means of talks and cooperation to discuss potential disagreement and maintain international stability. EFE


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