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Beyond Monet exhibition kicks off international tour in Miami

Miami, US, Feb 10 (EFE).- The immersive exhibition “Beyond Monet” opened on Thursday in Miami, displaying more than 400 works by the French impressionist painter Claude Monet and including the use of cutting-edge projection technology and an original score.

“Beyond Monet” was created by Canadian artist Mathieu St-Arnaud and his team — the same group that made the highly successful “Beyond Van Gogh” in 2021 — in Canada. Miami is the first showing outside the country.

The exhibition is spread over an area of 50,000 square feet (almost 4,700 square meters) and includes an introduction to Monet and his work that recreates the famous garden of Giverny, in the south of France, where the painter’s home was located.

Green is the dominant color in this section, where transparent acrylic panels with captions in Spanish and English give information about Monet.

Thanks to a play of mirrors and lighting, visitors can feel that they’re at the ponds of Giverny and can even cross them over two Japanese-style wooden bridges.

In the middle of the “infinity room,” a large space where the images of Monet’s paintings are projected onto walls, floors and part of the ceiling to immersive music, an European-style pergola takes center stage.

From the pergola, the visitor can get a 360-degree view of Monet’s paintings and experience the changing colors and shapes.

One of the differences from the “Beyond Van Gogh” exhibition is that the projection space also extends to a part of the ceiling, which gives the viewer a more complete sense of immersion.

“We identified, seeing many of these exhibitions around the world, that people feel much more immersed when the projection is on the ceiling and not so much on the ground — it feels more like being inside the painting,” Andrés Naftalí, co-founder of Primo Entertainment, the company behind the exhibitions, said.

The exhibition also has a space that recreates different scenes from Monet’s paintings against which visitors can be photographed as well as a shop with objects inspired by the exhibition.

After Monet, another immersive exhibition is being prepared around a leading 20th century artist, details of which Naftalí said he could not reveal yet.

“Beyond Monet” will remain at the Ice Palace Studios in Miami for nine weeks, until mid-April, with the possibility of extending it as happened with its predecessor. EFE


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