Biden challenges Trump’s ‘America First’ agenda with ‘Build Back Better’ plan

Washington, Jul 9 (efe-epa).- Former United States vice president and presumptive Democratic presidential nominee for the November election, Joe Biden on Thursday revealed a $700 billion economic plan aimed at boosting manufacturing of goods in the country through the purchase of American products.

The plan, “Build Back Better,” is a direct challenge to President Donald Trump’s “America First” nationalistic economic agenda.

Speaking at a campaign event in Pennsylvania, Biden said that Trump’s response to the COVID-19 crisis had only served to worsen the economy and promised that if he wins the election, he will create 5 million jobs as well as restoring those lost during the epidemic.

Biden’s goal is to use fiscal policy to stimulate technological innovation, reduce dependency on other countries such as China, and “rebuild the middle class” with tax policies that support small and medium enterprises, not just bigger businesses.

“When the federal government spends taxpayers’ money, we should use it to buy American products and support American jobs,” Biden said, with a huge national flag in the background.

He proposed reinforcing “Buy American” regulations, which force the federal government to acquire a series of American products to boost the national economy, which has led to complaints from countries in the past on the grounds of not respecting free trade.

Biden’s proposals were much more nationalistic than those made on other occasions by the Democrats and illustrate a turn in American politics in the last few years for both the Democrats and the Republicans as they appear to move away from globalization and free trade toward more protectionist ideas.

Biden gave his speech at a metalworks plant in Dunmore, Pennsylvania, near the house where he grew up in the city of Scranton, a place the former vice president frequently refers to in his speeches to emphasize his humble beginnings in a working class family.

On Thursday, US Vice President Mike Pence also campaigned in the state of Pennsylvania.

Pence took a bus tour from Lancaster to Philadelphia and covered several towns, including Malvern where he visited a tech company, the White House said.

The US presidential elections are set to be held on Nov. 3. In polling, Biden leads with 49.6 percent, and Trump trails at 40.8 percent, according to the average indicated by Real Clear Politics. EFE-EPA


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