Biden defends Hispanic heritage as American, slams Republicans

Los Angeles, United States, Sep 21 (EFE).- United States President Joe Biden said Hispanic heritage is part of the United States during the 46th edition of the annual gala of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute.

The statements came before an audience of more than 1,000 people at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center, which he accompanied by criticizing the Republican Party, whom he said are capable of banning books and erasing parts of history to forget America’s legacy.

“We are the only country in the world created around the idea that we are all equal and have to be treated as such. We have never forgotten this, as our MAGA friends did,” Biden said, alluding to radical Republicans, grouped in the acronym for the slogan “Make America Great Again.”

He said diversity is the true strength of the US and that the country needs the values of Hispanics, since they “have always represented” the ideal of taking advantage of their “opportunities” and “fulfilling dreams.” The community represents about 19 percent of the country.

However, his speech, welcomed with enthusiasm by attendees, also left another slip on the tongue, as he confused the Hispanic institute with the Congressional Black Caucus.

“The Congressional Black Caucus embodies all of those values,” Biden said.

The president referred to Wednesday’s announcement for the renewal and expansion of an immigration permit known as Temporary Protected Status, which will allow up to 472,000 Venezuelans to work and reside legally in the US, including those who have remained there since July 31.

“We are significantly expanding legal avenues of entry so that companies can get the workers they need. I have also directed my team to make historic increases in the number of refugees from Latin America,” Biden said.

He again charged against the MAGA movement for their vision of American immigration policy.

“MAGA Republicans spent four years gutting the immigration system under my predecessor. Today they continue to undermine our border security,” he said.

The president also addressed his management of the economy, already popularly known as “Bidenomics,” adding that 4 million of the 13.5 million jobs that have been created in this legislature fell to Hispanics and that “the rate of unemployment among Latinos” is at its “lowest point in history.

“In addition, there has been an increase in the number of Latinos who access health insurance by almost 1 million, thus closing the gap in access to prescription medications for elderly Latinos,” he added. EFE


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