Biden to be ‘most pro-Europe president in US history,’ says advisor

By Susana Samhan

Washington, Jan 21 (efe-epa).- Democrat Joe Biden will be the most pro-Europe president in the history of the United States, a former adviser to the new president’s electoral campaign told EFE on Thursday.

Juan Verde, a 49-year-old from Gran Canaria, Spain, is an advisor to the Democratic Party and former deputy assistant secretary for Europe and Eurasia at the Department of Commerce under the Barack Obama administration.

He predicts that Biden will open a new era in ties between the US and the European Union (EU).

“I absolutely believe that Biden is going to be the most pro-European president in US history,” Verde said. “What do I base it on? First, in his history as a member of the Foreign Affairs Committee in the 40 years he was in the Senate… he knows the political actors, the European economic actors, and then the team.”

Biden’s team includes Secretary of State Antony Blinken and the National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan.

“But what is going to be the pivot of all of this? I think it will be that, in the face of the new world panorama that is beginning to be drawn, of two great poles – USA and China, where there is a common front and a common threat for Europeans, which is Russia; where we are facing, not a threat, but we are facing emerging economies such as Russia, India and Brazil. I believe that the key to foreign policy is the strengthening of the transatlantic relationship,” Verde said.

He believes there may be opportunities for collaboration on all fronts, highlighting sustainability and new technologies.

The rapprochement with Europe will mean a departure from the policies of the administration of Biden’s predecessor, Donald Trump, which distanced itself from traditional allies.

As soon as he was inaugurated on Wednesday, the Democrat signed 17 executive orders rolling back measures adopted by Trump, giving a glimpse into what the first 100 days of his tenure might look like.

For Verde, the priorities in these first 100 days can be divided into three categories: the pandemic, “a situation that is frankly worrying”; economic recovery, with a new stimulus package worth $1.9 trillion planned; and to “recover the credibility of the United States” on the international stage.

“We can expect a G20 meeting here in Washington relatively soon. The idea, that Biden has said, is to assure and confirm to the international community and its allies that there is a new path for the United States, that we once again believe in multilateralism,” he said.

“The idea of that meeting… is to strengthen democracy and to see how to promote sustainability and the fight against climate change. Those are the three pillars of that great summit that is going to be celebrated,” Verde added.

Biden also faces the challenge of uniting a deeply polarized America.

Verde predicts that there will be a lot of work being done on the part of the Biden administration to show that the common enemies, regardless of whether one is a Republican or a Democrat, are related to Covid-19 and the economy.

Be that as it may, Biden has already indicated that he will be a single-term transitional president, which Verde considers to be “a generational transition.”

“I believe that what we saw yesterday in his speech is that he is the right man at the right time. It does not occur to me today to think of any other man or woman of the 18 candidates (for the Democratic presidential nomination)… that could lead the country where it has to go – to reconciliation, to unity,” he said. EFE-EPA


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