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‘Binge it if you can,’ says Chris Pratt on new series The Terminal List

By Xavier Romualdo

Los Angeles, US, Jul 1 (EFE).- Chris Pratt is so pumped about his new Amazon Prime series that he thinks people will binge The Terminal List, a thriller about a soldier who returns to the United States after a failed operation that points to a conspiracy.

“I think it’s a good binge watch. It’s coming out July 1st – watch the pilot and decide for yourself. But there’s a reason we’re letting all eight (episodes) out at once,” says the actor in an interview with EFE before the premiere of the action-packed series.

“I’d say binge it if you can for eight hours, but if not, take it in portions.”

Antoine Fuqua, director of the The Equalizer saga and films such as Training Day, also directs this series based on a novel of the same name by Jack Carr in which Navy SEAL James Reece (Pratt) and his entire team are ambushed during a covert mission in Syria.

As the only survivor, Reece returns to his home in San Diego and finds that his memories do not fit with the official discourse or logic of the incident. An old colleague from the CIA, Ben Edwards (Taylor Kitsch) proposes to find out what happened, but at every step, reality becomes darker.

“It really didn’t feel like a TV series though to me though, honestly, the pace – it felt like a movie. We shot it over the course of probably 130 days, and so that’s a pretty big movie. You know, Jurassic World was about 100 days. I think Avengers: Infinity War and End Game was 180 days,” says Pratt. “Also in scope and scale and in budget it was very big.”

The actor, who made his name on Parks and Recreation for six seasons, thinks the small screen has changed a lot since then.

“We are very fickle consumers when it comes to entertainment – around the whole world. We are absolute experts at consuming entertainment. Refined critics, all of us. We can pick out bullshit in a second. You can lose an audience very quickly if you are predictable,” he says.

The key to this psychological thriller is it “keeps the viewer guessing and it challenges them to walk away,” hooking them in with cliffhangers, he said.

It was Pratt who became interested in the rights to the 2018 New York Times best-selling novel on which the series is based, and teamed up with Fuqua to put the series together.

The director told EFE that The Terminal List is a different, original series and a story in which the action speaks for itself. EFE


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