Bolivia’s Oxygenation Route proposes to take off masks, breathe

La Paz, Oct 9 (EFE).- The Oxygenation Route proposes to take off masks to breathe fresh air in Bolivia’s capital through a tour of the Pura Pura grove so people who survived the Covid-19 can have a space to relax and connect with nature.

The new route inaugurated Saturday is an initiative promoted by La Paz Mayor Ivan Arias, who proposed this route after realizing people who have experienced Covid-19 need outdoor spaces.

This is how the Oxygenation Route was born within the Pura Pura grove, a municipal protected area, where you can see birds and eucalyptus and pine trees.

“There is not only pure air, but also history, culture and park rangers, it is a journey full of emotions,” said Mayor Arias.

The route has an extension of approximately three kilometers that takes about two hours, in the middle of the walk you can see young people with mountain bikes, as well as the park rangers tell the history and some of the legends of the place.

At the beginning, people take off their masks to enjoy the pure air and the aroma of eucalyptus trees in the place and go through dirt paths and small wooden bridges, in addition to enjoying the panoramic view of the city.

The idea is that in the middle of the trails and stops, people who weathered Covid-19 can do a series of exercises that help them breathe, Municipal Environmental Management Secretary Jose Carlos Campero said.

This route is not only for people who have experienced Covid-19, but also entire families who want to have a nice time surrounded by trees without having to leave the city.

The Oxygenation Route will be open to the public in a couple of weeks and will launch a site where people can register for visits that will initially be once a week and in groups of up to 30 people, Campero said.

Bolivia has registered 503,432 Covid-19 infections and 18,789 deaths since the first cases were identified in March 2020.


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